Why your car insurance company is paying more to be in the good graces of a terrorist

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More than a year after a car bombing killed 16 people at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, the insurance industry has paid an average of $6,000 to the families of those killed.

That’s an average increase of over 5,000% in the cost of cover for those killed and injured by the Manchester Arena bombing, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety said in a new report.

The figures came from a survey of about 1,400 people by the Insurance Research Institute (IRIS) of America.

“The cost to cover these families has increased by over $8,000 per person,” said Ian C. Smith, the lead author of the report, in a statement.

The number of people insured in the US rose by more than 10% in 2016, and insurance companies were not just making money on the extra profits, they were also getting paid more than usual.

Last year the average premium for auto insurance rose by almost $3,000 in the first half of the year.

“A lot of the companies are paying more because they want to get their money back,” Smith said.

The rise in premiums reflects the growing popularity of high-end vehicles, especially in cities like Los Angeles, Boston and New York, where car insurance rates are high.

The average premium rose by nearly 3% in Los Angeles and by 2.3% in New York City.

The report does not specify how much of that rise is attributable to the explosion in Manchester.

But there is no doubt that insurers are increasingly paying more for premium increases in recent years, as consumers become more demanding of protection.

The rising cost of car insurance is not the only reason.

In recent years insurers have become increasingly reliant on data to calculate their premiums, and a recent report from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners found that this process is less accurate than it used to be.

That report found that in 2016 nearly 70% of all car insurance quotes were incorrect, which resulted in a massive surge in premiums in some cities, such as New York and Chicago.

Insurance companies have been lobbying to change this by mandating a more accurate formula, Smith said, but there is little chance of such changes being passed in the near future.

A number of insurance companies have begun to raise their premiums after the Manchester bombings.

The car insurance industry in 2016 made more than $1.3 billion on premiums.

But the cost is projected to increase by more then $9 billion in 2020, Smith noted.

“If the cost goes up as a percentage of the industry, it will be an increase of more than 6.5% in 2020,” he said.

More from The New York Times: In some states, insurers have made cuts to cover the cost.

In Nevada, for example, the average car insurance rate increased by about $100 a year last year, according to data from the Nevada Department of Insurance.

That is a reduction of about 2.4%.

But the average rate in California was about $2,600 a year higher than in New Mexico, according a report by the insurance department.

In Texas, where there is more competition for car insurance coverage, the rate is expected to increase in 2020 by 2%.

And in Arizona, the cost has increased about 15% over the past two years, according the Insurance Department.

This year’s report is based on data from 2016 and is based only on premiums paid by insurers in the past 12 months.

The most recent data for the year was from the year ended December 31, 2016.

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