Why the stock market is now worth $7.6 trillion – but the stockholders still don’t understand the difference

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Millions of investors are still trying to figure out how they should allocate their money, after it emerged that the stock markets have now reached a record $7 trillion.

The S&P 500 has risen by $2.4 trillion since February, while the Nasdaq has risen almost $4 trillion.

That’s an increase of more than $400 billion, but many investors are left wondering if the markets are even worth the paper they’re printed on.

Here’s how they stack up.1.

The markets were not worth what they were.

The market was founded on a belief that if you bought a stock and paid cash, it would give you a good return.

In fact, if you invested $10,000 in a stock, you would have earned more than a penny.

So investors believed in this system.

Investors were rewarded with profits, and a lot of them bought into stocks.

When the bubble burst, however, the stock bubble burst too.

As investors lost confidence in the market, prices crashed.

That was when the markets lost value.

It was a bad time to be a stockholder.2.

The economy is still weak.

The stock market has risen far more than the economy has been weak.

For every dollar of economic growth, about $3.5 trillion in stock market gains have been lost.

The average annual stock market gain has been $4,000 since the market was launched in 1929.3.

The value of your money is still too high.

Investors should have known that a $10 million purchase of an 8-cent stock would give a 20-cent return on the money, and $30 million a $100 million purchase would give the same returns.

Investors have been overpaid in the stock exchanges.

They’re over-accumulating money, too.

If you were buying $10 shares in 2000, you might be looking at $50,000 today.

The reason for the stock bubbles, then, is that people overinvested.4.

Investors can’t get enough of stocks.

Investors who bought stocks before the bubble bust saw their portfolios go up more than 20 percent every year for the next 20 years.

Over the next 10 years, they gained almost $200 billion.

They were investing in a bubble.5.

The bubble is still there.

The financial markets are still at the bottom of the bubble.

When stocks started to recover, investors bought more stocks and paid for them.

But since then, the bubble has popped.

The next time you’re sitting at home and wondering how you’re going to get back your $100,000 investment, consider that the market is still worth $6.4 billion.6.

The government is still paying out interest.

The Federal Reserve has been paying interest on loans since 1929.

That means the government still pays interest on money it owes to the government.

But the government has also lent money to companies.

And the government is not in a position to lend to businesses to fund growth.

The debt of corporations is now at an all-time high of $17 trillion.7.

Investors are still paying more interest.

While interest rates have been falling, they haven’t dropped all that much.

Investors continue to pay interest because they’re still paying interest.

But this is an ongoing process.

The interest rate on government debt is already about 8 percent.8.

Stock investors are losing their money.

Since the dot-com bubble burst in 2000 and the dot.com bust in 2007, the amount of money being lent to stocks has dropped by a whopping $4.3 trillion.

Investors that bought the dot com bubble stock are now losing money on their investment.

So while the markets may have hit a record high, the financial markets still have a long way to go.9.

The people in charge of the markets know this.

The SEC, the Treasury Department and other agencies have made a lot out of the stockmarket bubble.

They’ve made a fortune, too, and are trying to sell off their holdings of the stocks that have popped up.

The problem is, they don’t have any idea how to sell their holdings.

And even if they could, how do you sell your holdings of a bubble?

The answer is simple: You have to go to the banks.

The banks don’t like the idea of the financial system collapsing, and the banks want to protect their assets.

So, they have created the markets.

The regulators are now trying to get out of this bubble.

The Financial Stability Oversight Council (FSOC) has been working to set up the Financial Stability Advisory Council (FSAAC), which will help oversee the financial sector.

The FSAAC is tasked with advising the FSA on financial stability issues and is supposed to be an independent body that can issue reports that would set financial policy guidelines and set out what types of regulations should be put in place.

The question now is, will the FSA



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