Why insurers need to ensure a Progressive car insurance policy is pro-life

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The insurance industry has long been wary of offering life insurance to anyone with a pre-existing condition, but as the industry has begun to expand its offerings, the industry is trying to find ways to keep a progressive policy affordable for the most vulnerable.

The Progressive Life Insurance Alliance, an industry group, has teamed up with the nonprofit pro-lifers United for Life to offer affordable, progressive life insurance coverage.

“This is a great opportunity for consumers who may be wondering if they should get a progressive life policy,” said Michael Perthes, the group’s president.

“People need affordable policies, and progressive policies can help them save money and get on their way to better lives.”

The group, which was formed in March, aims to offer policies for individuals with pre-disposed conditions, including cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure, but has not yet launched any policies specifically targeting people with precluded conditions.

“There are still a lot of questions about what is the best policy for someone with a preexisting condition,” Pertheres said.

“But we’re really trying to provide the best coverage we can for people.”

Insurers can apply for a policy through Progressive Life’s website or through a mail-in application.

The group says the policies are “more affordable and more comprehensive” than policies offered by insurers.

Progressive Life offers a broad range of policies including policies for older Americans, individuals with disabilities, and veterans.

The company’s first policy, the Progressive Life Life Premium, is priced at $2,300 and offers up to $2.4 million per year for individuals.

That policy includes coverage for life insurance up to 30 years, but if the insureds life is in “high-risk” or “high deductible” categories, the premium rises to $5,600 per year.

Progressive offers policies for retirees with a fixed-rate, fixed-premium policy with a policy life of 15 years and up.

The policy also covers life insurance for up to 20 years, which includes life insurance premiums up to 50 percent of the policy’s value.

A $3,400 premium policy is available for people over 65.

Progressive’s other insurance offerings include Life Insurance for those with preplanned deaths and Comprehensive Life Insurance, which covers individuals with conditions that are considered pre-planned and for which the insurer has “advanced risk” coverage.

Progressive also offers a progressive, life insurance policy that is “more progressive and provides the coverage that is best for you,” said Julie Smith, a senior vice president at Progressive Life.

Progressive says it is adding more policies to its portfolio this year.

In the U.S., Progressive Life covers more than 7 million people with preexisted conditions.

For a summary of the Progressive life policy, visit progressivelifers.org.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.



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