When is a Delta dental insurance plan a Delta insurance plan?

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A new dental insurance policy may be coming to a Delta dentist, but that’s not the only reason the dental insurer is making the switch.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Delta dental insurer has already started offering dental coverage to customers in the Delta community.

The Delta dental policy, the first ever for Delta, will be available to residents of the Delta area through UnitedHealthcare.

The plan will be offered through Delta’s HealthCare Alliance, which is the largest health insurance provider in the region.

The announcement came shortly after Delta announced the creation of the American Dental Association, an independent, bipartisan group that provides oversight of dental care in the United States.

Delta is a major player in the industry, having taken a stake in the insurer’s health care business in January.

UnitedHealthCare, the health care company that owns Delta, also announced the formation of the Association.

The alliance will include major American medical insurers, including Aetna, UnitedHealth, Humana, and Anthem.

This is the first time Delta has offered dental coverage in the area of the dental health insurer, according to the Times.

Delta dental insurers are also expected to offer additional dental coverage through other health insurance companies.

United is a member of the Alliance.