What you need to know about car insurance: Geico

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Geico Auto Insurance, the nation’s second-largest auto insurer, is expanding coverage for cars and light trucks, and launching a new offering for trucks and SUVs.

The company’s announcement Tuesday was a major boost for the auto industry as it struggles to hold down costs.

Geico’s new insurance plan, available to both full-time and part-time employees, offers discounts on the most common vehicle types, such as pickups, SUVs, sport utility vehicles and trucks.

It will cover the same drivers that it already covers, but it will also cover drivers for whom insurance does not cover the full cost of the vehicle.

Geocos customers with the full policy will pay only for the cost of their vehicles, which will be less than what the insurer pays for a new car, said Jim Gagnon, Geico vice president of corporate communications.

Gagnon said the company also plans to expand coverage for vans, SUVS, sport utilities and light-duty vehicles.

Geico’s coverage expands on what it already offers.

It already covers the full-term and part time drivers who work full- or part-year, and is currently offering coverage to the same workers who work part- or full-year.

The new plan covers full- and part timers.

The plan also includes a 10-percent discount on vehicle expenses for part-timers and those working part-years, said Gagnons chief financial officer, Mike Dittmar.

Geoflex, which offers similar coverage, does not offer the 10- percent discount.

Geoflex is offering its new insurance coverage to full-timters for the first time since the company introduced the 10 percent discount, Dittmas said.

Geoins coverage for full-season workers will be the same as it is now, he said.

Geocos’ new insurance offers a discount of up to 25 percent on all vehicle expenses, and will be available to full and part times.

Gagliano said the new plan will not offer coverage for drivers who drive a lot, but would cover drivers who don’t.

The plan covers the same customers who are currently covered, he added.

Geos’ plan includes a 15-percent reduction on vehicle and equipment purchases, as well as a 10 percent increase on premium and deductible for full time drivers.

Geos said it will make this discount available to all employees for the next two years.

Geoins also said it would expand coverage to new-vehicle owners.

It currently offers coverage for the full and partial drivers who own vehicles and the new coverage will cover those who have purchased a new vehicle in the last year.

Geicos plans to extend the new vehicle coverage to all full and partially-owned vehicles and equipment for a year.

The insurer said it has expanded coverage to those who work from home or in small groups.

It said it expects to offer coverage to drivers who travel on their own, and to drivers from out-of-state who live outside of the U.S.

The policy also offers a 10.5 percent discount on fuel and maintenance expenses for all drivers who are on a vehicle.

Geoco said it plans to roll out new insurance offerings in the coming months.

The Geico Insurance plan will be rolled out over the next year, said David Loehr, vice president and general manager of corporate communication for Geofax.

The company said it was the first company to offer a comprehensive coverage package for drivers, with the most popular policies covering a range of drivers from drivers to truck drivers and trucks to SUVs and SUVS.



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