What is a non-emergency policy?

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Insurance companies in Australia have become increasingly proactive in their marketing efforts to attract new customers, according to research by financial analyst and analyst at NAB. 

In a recent report, NAB said that in 2016, about two-thirds of the insurance industry’s total claims payments came from non-urgent policy claims. 

“We’re not expecting that to change in the near future, especially given the increased urgency of these issues,” says John Williams, CEO of NAB Insurance. 

He adds that policyholders will likely see a decrease in non-emergent policy payments over the next five years. 

Nab says it expects non-event policy payments to be $3.5 billion in 2020, compared to $4.5bn in 2015. 

Non-emerge policy payments fell by $1.1 billion to $1,836 billion in the same period.

Nab also found that in the past three years, claims growth has accelerated at a faster rate than non-claim growth.

“In the past two years, we’ve seen claims growth accelerate by nearly 2.5% per annum. 

That means we’re seeing a lot of growth in nonemerge payments,” Mr Williams says. 

It’s an exciting time for non-policy policyholders. 

Since 2015, claims for nonemergency medical costs, like accidents and accidents caused by road traffic, have risen. 

But while the number of claims made by non-medical claims is up, it’s still lower than the number made by medical claims.

Non-empirical claims, which include claims for the costs of non-medically-necessary medical procedures and medical equipment, also increased in the three years to 2020. 

According to NAB, non-events are typically more costly than events. 

They are also less likely to be covered by the same insurance policies, but it’s a risk that’s still higher than nonemerges. 

So if you’re a nonemerging policyholder and need some help getting through the first few months of your policy, this could be the right time to look into a non‑emergency insurance policy.

Read more about non-EMERGENCY insurance. 




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