Trump says the GOP health care bill is ‘dead’

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Donald Trump is claiming the Republican health care plan is dead.

Speaking to reporters on Air Force One Tuesday morning, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee said, “The Republicans have not even been working on this.”

The Trump campaign did not respond to a request for comment.

The presumptive Republican nominee is on the record as saying he wants to repeal Obamacare and replace it with something called “something that will be great, great, big, amazing.”

This means Trump wants to make health care “great” but not “great,” and instead would make the current version of the law more “great, great,” as if that’s how we can have a system that will keep our country “great.”

“It’s a very dead bill, in many ways, for a lot of reasons, including the fact that the American people don’t want it,” Trump said.

“The American people want something different.”

He went on to argue that Obamacare’s insurance subsidies are “stupid,” and the law has “an artificial structure.”

“There’s no reason why this bill, this plan should not be repealed, because this bill is just not good, and it’s not good for the American taxpayers,” he said.

He added, “We’ll do the right thing, and we’ll do it fast, and you’ll see the changes happen very quickly.”

The American Health Care Act is the first health care overhaul passed by the Trump administration in more than two decades, and the Republican bill would replace Obamacare with a system of subsidies that will likely cost more than $200 billion per year over the next decade.

Trump told reporters on the plane that the Republican plan would “make health care great for a much larger number of people than what we’re talking about now.”

Trump has long said he’d be willing to work with Democrats to “make sure the Affordable Care Act works, but that we do it with the same level of success and fairness that we’re seeing now.”

But, after Trump’s remarks Tuesday, he was even more critical of the bill, saying he was “not going to sit here and say I’ll be able to sign a bill that’s going to be great.”

“If I’m not able to, if the Republicans don’t deliver on it, we’re going to have a very bad bill,” Trump added.

“We’re going back to a situation where we have one of the largest unfunded liabilities in the history of this country.”

Trump also said the legislation will force hospitals to “pay for themselves,” and it will “put a lot more money in the pockets of insurance companies and health insurers and health care providers.”

Trump said the bill “puts a lot money into the pockets” of insurance carriers, but it won’t “put as much money in their pockets” because “we’re going into a world where we’re not going to allow the system to function, so the insurance companies are going to make a lot less money.”

And the bill will put more money into “health care providers” by allowing “more providers to compete with one another, and that’s the problem,” Trump told the press.

“If the plan doesn’t go through and if we have another great, successful, great plan, then we’re just going to see more competition, but we’re also going to keep the cost of health care artificially high.

It’s just going be unfair.”

And Trump also called the GOP bill “a disaster.”

“What the Republicans are trying to do is they’re trying to take health care away from the American taxpayer,” he told reporters.

“They’re trying.

They’re trying, and they’re failing miserably.

And we have to do what we can, and if you don’t like what we do, we have other ways of doing it, but the plan that’s being discussed is a disaster.”

Trump is also not the only Republican who has criticized the bill.

House Speaker Paul Ryan said in an interview with Fox News Sunday that he believes the Republican-controlled House of Representatives “is not going through the necessary procedural and substantive process” to pass the legislation.

“This is not going well, and I believe the majority in the House of Representative, if they can, will come up with a solution, but I don’t think we are going through that,” Ryan said.

Ryan also told reporters that the “Republican health care proposal will not include enough help for people who are sick, including Medicaid expansion and the Children’s Health Insurance Program.”

In an interview on Fox News Monday, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer called on Trump to drop the bill and “return to the negotiating table” on health care.

Schumer said the Republican proposal is “in desperate need of a major overhaul,” adding that “Republicans should not waste time and energy debating the details of a proposal that will hurt people.”

On Monday, Trump reiterated his position that the GOP’s health care proposals are “dead.”

“The bill we are



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