The Rise of the Unemployed’s Gravely Uninsured

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The number of Americans who are dead in the ditch has grown exponentially since the Affordable Care Act passed in 2010.

While the uninsured rate has decreased to about 10 percent, the death rate has risen from about 5 percent in 2009 to more than 13 percent now, according to a new report by the Institute for Healthcare Policy and Research.

Uninsured people are far more likely to die in cars, on the highway, and at the hands of police.

And, as the Institute found, the cost of providing insurance has increased as well.

A recent study by the Brookings Institution found that for every $1 in premium increases, an additional 20 percent of Americans were denied coverage.

In the case of the American people who don’t have coverage, the government pays $3,000 a year for a life insurance policy that lasts for four years, while they can use that money for medical expenses.

Unions and state governments have also raised premiums in the past few years, according the Institute.

As of last year, about 80 percent of insurance policies covered only the first five years of life, according Toobin.

As a result, many people, especially those with high incomes, who would otherwise be covered by insurance are not covered.

Insurance companies are taking a much bigger cut of that $3 million they already take out every year.

The report notes that premiums have risen by more than $100 for some policies, and the average premium for a single person in 2017 was $2,845.

That’s about $60 more than in the year before, according with the Insurance Information Institute.

The death rate, however, is not as high.

It’s actually slightly higher than in other developed nations, such as Canada, France, and Denmark.

However, it’s not that high in the U.S., where the rate is lower than in many of the other developed countries.

For a more detailed look at how insurance has changed over the years, watch Toobin’s video below.



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