‘Not my fault’: Lawmakers want to get rid of geico limits

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GEICO limits auto insurance to $200,000 for new cars, $300,000 under the old policy and $400,000 in a car that’s been in the same owner’s family for 10 years or more.

A similar policy, called the Dickey Law, would be available for all new and used vehicles from 2018.

“I think it’s a great idea.

But it is not my fault,” said Rep. Tim Murphy, D-Fla.

“And I think it would be a great benefit to our state if there were some way that we could set a limit on our liability and insurance.

We have enough liability to deal with right now.

And I think that a limit would help us.”

A bill to set limits on liability insurance passed the House of Representatives last year.

Under the Dixie Law, it would not apply to new cars.

The Dickey Bill passed the Senate last week but faces a tough road in the Republican-led House.

It is also not the only bill that would set limits for liability insurance.

Under a bill to repeal the death penalty in Georgia, limits would apply to personal injury, auto and homeowners insurance.

Murphy said he is still pushing the idea of limits for auto insurance, but it’s not clear how far he would go in the GOP-controlled House.

A spokesman for House Speaker David Ralston said Murphy has asked the House Rules Committee to take up a bill on the subject.

“As he indicated, he believes the Dikembe Mutombo Law is a good idea,” said spokesman Joe McQuade.

“But he does not want to pass it right away, and he is willing to work with other legislators on a compromise that would protect the insurance industry while still protecting consumers.”

The Dikems have also introduced legislation that would allow insurers to charge people who get medical insurance less for a pre-existing condition.

Murphy wants to increase the maximum limit on the limits to $250,000.

Murphy is among a group of lawmakers who are trying to repeal and replace the death penalties.

Other bills aimed at curbing state-funded gambling and alcohol abuse, for example, have failed in the House.

Murphy and other GOP lawmakers said that’s why they’ve been pushing to have limits on auto insurance limits.

But the insurance limits would help insurers cover a growing segment of the population that is not insured, Murphy said.

“If you don’t have auto insurance at all, you are going to get sicker and sicker,” Murphy said, noting that he was one of the first state lawmakers to sign on to a bill in 2006 to create the new auto insurance cap.

“We have the highest rate of auto accident fatalities in the country, and yet we have a limit of just $150,000 on our auto insurance,” Murphy added.

“This would allow people to be able to buy their own auto insurance and be able take care of themselves.”

Murphy also pointed out that auto insurance is a vital component of the economy and is necessary for the growth of a state.

“People who have been through the auto insurance industry are in a tough place.

They have their car stolen, they don’t own a car, and they don,t have insurance,” he said.

But Murphy said the state has no other option.

“It’s very important that we have the ability to protect our people,” Murphy told the Georgia Business Network.

“There are a lot of people that are in this position who are going through the unemployment insurance system and they’re not insured.”