Munich police officer charged with manslaughter after shooting dead a woman

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Munich police are investigating the killing of a woman they say was the victim of a car crash.

According to the local police, police were called to a residential block in the Bavarian town of Niederlück on Sunday after a woman had died in a car accident.

The Munich police have been investigating the case since Thursday, and said that they had received reports of a vehicle collision between two vehicles and a man in the car was shot dead by a member of the public.

The woman was not seriously injured and was pronounced dead on arrival at hospital.

The man was arrested and has been taken to a nearby hospital for further questioning.

“At the time of the incident, there were three people in the vehicle with the woman in the passenger seat and she had fallen into the passenger side,” a police spokesman said on Thursday.

“There was no apparent struggle between the vehicle and the woman.”

According to local media, the woman was known to police for drug offences.