How to use the word ‘tire’ in your insurance quote

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A new twist to the word “tire” in your quote may be making headlines across the US. 

Tire insurance companies are starting to use an alternative spelling of the word to indicate the size of your vehicle, rather than the word’s full title. 

The change was announced this week by the Association of National Advertisers, which says “advertisers and consumers can expect more personalized recommendations based on vehicle size”. 

But, as you can see from the chart below, the difference is subtle. 

It means “the width of your car is a lot wider than the width of the car”, for example, but “the length of your rear wing is less than the length of the rear wing”. 

It’s not clear if the change will make it easier or harder for you to get a quote, but for those who have tried to get quotes through the website, it’s an option. 

“For those with insurance that does not include the word tire, there are options available through a variety of websites including and Advantech,” the ad agency says.

“Tire and size can be used interchangeably to indicate size and width of a vehicle, depending on whether the vehicle is insured on the highway or not.” 

This doesn’t mean it’s a bad change to make, but there are a couple of reasons to be sceptical. 

For one, “size” in the US is used by a range of insurance companies to determine how much your car will cost. 

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, for example the average premium for a new car is $1,839, while the average price for a similar-sized car is about $1.8 million. 

So, it could be that this change will just mean consumers are going to get cheaper insurance, but it won’t necessarily mean better value. 

But for those with bigger cars, the cost could be less, or it could mean higher premiums. 

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