How to buy Zebra insurance

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By Football Italian staff The Zebra Insurance company have launched an online option for customers, offering them a direct deposit of 100,000 euros to purchase their policy.

The new insurance option, which will be available in Milan and Milanese markets starting from February 1st, is designed to ensure that the best possible risk is met when it comes to the purchase of a car, while ensuring the coverage of the drivers’ car.

The Zebra offer is based on a combination of a policy fee and a direct insurance deposit, which means the customers are entitled to claim 100,0000 euros for a car insurance policy in the first year.

The first customer to purchase the policy, who will be entitled to the insurance deposit of 200,000 euro, will have to pay a €1,000 deposit upfront.

The next customer to place a deposit will receive an additional €500 per year, until the insured vehicle is purchased.

The deposit for the second customer, who can then claim 100k euros in premiums, will be €1 million.

The total amount insured per year will be 300,000 Euros.

As part of the new policy, the insured driver can also deduct the first 50,000 Euro for the costs incurred by the insured car, which are paid by the insurer in the form of a direct loan to the insured.

As a result, a customer will be able to purchase an insured car at a discount of 25% compared to the price of the vehicle.

This means the insured insured driver will be reimbursed for the cost of insurance in the event of any accident.

The company will provide insurance cover to the drivers, who are eligible to purchase a Zebra policy, through their own insurance companies.

According to Zebra, the new insurance policy offers protection against all types of accidents.

“Our insurance is based not only on the insurance policies that we offer, but also on the experience of our drivers.

This is why our policy offers the maximum possible protection for our drivers and passengers,” said Francesco Scalfani, president of Zebra.

“This is also why we have decided to launch a new policy to meet the new requirements of the Italian insurance market.”

The company also announced the launch of a new insurance product, the Zebra Premium, which is designed for people who are planning to purchase more than one car.



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