How the new cheap rental policy protects you from evictions

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Now, thanks to a new law that requires rental housing companies to provide renters with information about their properties, many of them will no longer be able to legally evict them.

The law also expands on a provision of the Affordable Care Act that lets people pay for their own health insurance without the government taking responsibility for paying for it.

Under the Affordable Housing Act, a renter could legally evict someone they deemed responsible for the rent, but that option was restricted to those with a health insurance plan.

Now under the Affordable Rent Increase Act, anyone who wants to file for a court order to evict a rencer can do so without fear of the government doing so.

It’s an important victory for renters who are struggling to make ends meet and to those who want to help renters in need. 

The law gives landlords the ability to get rid of renters who have a serious medical condition, are mentally ill or are not in good health.

That can include chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer, heart disease or stroke. 

For now, landlords can still only evict a person if they have a valid reason for doing so, and they have to give renters at least 24 hours notice.

The law also allows landlords to evict renters based on their race, color, religion, sex, disability, familial status, familial age or marital status.

That’s important because landlords can be prosecuted for discriminating against renters based solely on their marital status, which has led to numerous lawsuits.

But the law also makes clear that a landlord can’t remove a tenant based on a tenant’s race, gender, religion or sexual orientation.

The new law gives a new meaning to the word “affirmative action,” meaning that landlords can’t fire a tenant for race, ethnicity, national origin, sex or sexual preference, according to the new rule.

Under the Affordable Vacation Rent Increase, landlords will be able give renters who rent out a unit a “guaranteed minimum amount of rent” to cover their medical expenses. 

The new law allows landlords and apartment managers to use the Affordable Residence Assistance Program, known as RAP, which provides cash assistance to people who rent their homes to renters who qualify.

The program is designed to help low-income families afford rent, and it helps low- and moderate-income renters who can’t afford to pay their own rent, the government says. 

However, the new law will not allow renters to receive any cash benefits without having the renter agree to a payment plan.

Instead, landlords and apartments will need to give the renters at the end of the lease a “payment plan” which includes a monthly payment and a monthly check for rent, plus other monthly payments. 

Some landlords will still be able evict people based on the fact that they are elderly, have mental health issues, or are disabled, though the new provision will require that the tenants get a court-ordered psychiatric evaluation.

The bill also requires landlords to report tenants’ rental history and other data, like medical bills and any eviction notices they receive, to the government.

The government will use that information to evaluate whether tenants can afford to stay. 

But landlords will have to be much more careful in evicting a tenant who is mentally ill.

The act also requires that landlords who evict a tenant can only evict the tenant for a minimum of 90 days if they are sure they can get rid the rencer for a longer period of time. 

For now, the bill doesn’t require that landlords have to provide tenants with a copy of the eviction notice they receive.

The legislation does, however, require that a tenant get a copy and that a person provide the landlord with a court warrant.

That means that landlords will now have to show a court that they can evict a rent-stabilized renter for longer than 90 days. 


This is the biggest victory for renter rights for now.

But it’s not enough, says Robert M. Hochman, who teaches tenant law at the University of California, Berkeley, who wrote the book Renting Freedom: A Legal Guide to Rental Housing in America.

“There’s a huge disconnect between the way people are being forced to deal with the fact of eviction and the fact they are being asked to disclose everything about themselves,” Hochmen says.

“What happens if someone has a heart attack?

What happens if they’re a person with cancer?

What does a person who has diabetes do? 

The bill is about giving the government more power over who gets evicted and how long it takes to evict someone.

It doesn’t address the issue of who’s really at fault.

But in general, landlords are doing the wrong thing, Hochmans says.

And that’s really the reason they should be allowed to evict people.

They should not be allowed, for example, to make it harder for someone to



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