How much would you pay for pet insurance?

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I recently discovered a wonderful little company called Life Insurance Australia.

 I was surprised when I first checked the website to see that they had insurance for a wide range of pets.

It turns out they offer pet insurance for all kinds of pets, from cats to dogs and even exotic pets. 

I checked with Life Insurance on my home insurance policy, and it would cover my dog for about $3,000.

I’m not sure how much that covers, but it’s a really affordable way to protect your pet from a lot of things.

The company has a number of pet insurance products for the home, but they also offer pet coverage for your car and your bike.

That’s a nice way to make sure you’re covered for your pet while you’re on the road.

I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking to protect their pet from serious injury or death, but don’t want to spend a lot on insurance.

They do have some premium policies as well, but I think the premium rates are more than adequate.

Read more about life insurance here: Life Insurance Australia Read more dog insurance articles from around the web



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