A $1.3 trillion unemployment insurance bill passed by Senate could boost auto insurance coverage

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The Senate passed a $1 trillion unemployment benefit bill Wednesday, but the final bill has yet to clear the House and become law.

The bill was supported by auto companies, but it faces some of the same obstacles as the $1,099 billion stimulus bill passed in 2009.

The House passed a version of the $800 billion bill last year, but that bill had a more limited unemployment insurance program.

The $1 billion bill is expected to add more than $600 billion to auto insurance companies and help to ensure that millions of people have health insurance through the government program.

Democrats were able to pass the unemployment benefit program after a long battle with Republicans over the Senate bill.

Democrats were able in part because of the support from the insurance industry, which lobbied for the bill to include more benefits.

The unemployment insurance legislation passed in the Senate would be the biggest in US history, with nearly $1 million per person added to insurance coverage.

The unemployment insurance benefit would provide $1 in new taxes paid each month to offset the cost of the program, and would also provide $750 billion to cover job losses in the private sector, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

The bill also includes $50 billion in additional funding for states to implement the expanded unemployment insurance programs and to provide health insurance to people who lost their jobs in the Great Recession.

The Senate approved the $400 billion stimulus package last week, but Republican leaders in the House have yet to bring it to the Senate floor for consideration.

The package also would increase the tax on businesses to 39.6 percent.

That tax, however, has not been included in the unemployment insurance measure.

The $1bn stimulus bill was the result of a bipartisan effort to stabilize the economy and provide jobs.

The Senate voted to increase unemployment insurance benefits by $800,000 per person.

The measure passed by a vote of 54-45, and was signed by President Obama in the Oval Office on Wednesday.

The increase is the largest increase in unemployment insurance in US political history, according a study by the Economic Policy Institute, a left-leaning think tank.

The plan is expected the Senate to vote on the $600bn unemployment benefit legislation by the end of the week.



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